Bride and Groom Gallery

Here are just a few of the almost 500 weddings Millennium Music has had the fortune of DJ'ing over the years

Bride and Groom

Mark & Wendy Viola Jr
Berkshire Hills Country Club, Pittsfield, MA
April 2012

Will & Kali Johnson
Water's Edge Lighthouse, Glenville, NY
May 2018

Jeff & Diana Belair
Crissey Farms, Great Barrington, MA
April 2009

Kelly & Jay Marion
Stockbridge Sportsman's Club
February 2009

TJ & Tracie Kelly
Home in Suffield, CT
June 2012

Sushannah & Jeremy Laurange
ITAM Lodge, Pittsfield, MA
May 2015

Tawny & Alex Simisky
Berkshire Hills Country Club, Pittsfield, MA
October 2015

Jessi & Teresa Reynolds
Berkshire Hills Country Club, Pittsfield, MA
August 2013

Jameson & Stephanie Sigsbury
ITAM Lodge, Pittsfield, MA
July 2012

Matthew & Alicia Powers

Jari & Bobby Fachini
Cheshire Rod & Gun Club, Cheshire, MA
August 2015

Eric & Anna Thomen
Honora Winery, West Halifax, VT
April 2015

Cara & Ed Albuquerque
Berkshire Hills Country Club, Pittsfield, MA
July 2009

Dawnyell & Donica
Musterfield House, Clarksburg, MA
July 2012

Gisel & Justin Dwyer
Jiminy Peak, Hancock, MA
August 2013

Joceyln & Julianna Ormerod
Camp Bonnie Brae
Summer 2016

John & Ruth Clouser Jr.
Private Home, Sheffield, MA
November 2012

Michael & Kate White
Berkshire Hills Country Club, Pittsfield, MA
October 2011

Kevin & Andrea Zawistowski
Skyline Country Club, Lanesboro, MA
September 2012

Gary & Jessica Lynch
Jiminy Peak, Hancock MA
June 2009

Keith & Kimberly Hyatt
Williamsville Inn, West Stockbridge, MA
October 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel VanDeusen
Wahconah Country Club, Dalton, MA
August 2013

Brandon & Heather Williams
Winding Brook Country Club, Valatie, NY
September 2010

Joseph & Tara Ramirez
Home in Pittsfield, MA
July 2020

Dallas & Curtis Berard
Lions Park, Readsboro VT
September 2020

Mark & Trisha Intelisano
Home in Savoy, MA
October 2020

Alicia and Anthony Dottavio
Proprietor's Lodge, Pittsfield
May 2021

Courtney & Drew Larkin
Home in Lee, MA
May 2021

Shayla & Chris Murray
Camp Lenox, Otis, MA
June 2021

Michael & Courtney Reu
Mazzeo's Ristorante
August 2021

Avery & AJ Bolder
Tanglewood, Lenox, MA
September 2021

Tracy & Delmont Keyes
Mazzeo's Ristorante, Pittsfield, MA
October 2021

Christina & Ryan Williams
Berkshire Hills Country Club
October 2021

Mr. & Mrs. Torres
Italian/American Club - Pittsfield, MA
October 2021

Rachel & Tanner DeVarennes
Country Club of Pittsfield
May 2022

Sarah & Zach Mathis
Elks Lodge, Pittsfield, MA
June 2022

Rebecca & Richard Clausen
Stockbridge Sportsman Club, West Stockbridge, MA
June 2022

Jennifer & Rocco Prisciandaro
Crissey Farms, Great Barrington
June 2022

Julie & Jeremy Brown
Home in Granby, MA
July 2022

Credits to Jason Hupe Photography

Kendra & Jake Bradley
Wahconah Country Club
Dalton, MA
July 2022

Krystle and James Thomas
Proprietor's Lodge, Pittsfield, MA
September 2022